The Parador in Houston, Texas


Brickhouse Bridal

Paige Budde (Awake Photography)

The Proposal Story:
This story is the best. The proposal perfectly depicts how thoughtful, meticulous, and perfect Charles is to me. A little bit of background – Charles is a fantastic golfer and something that him and his father bond over is visiting golf courses around the world. One of the best places to golf in this country is Monterrey, California. There are several golf courses there that are top 100 courses. One of those famous courses is Cypress Point. It is nearly impossible to get on there to play. It has always been Charles’ dream to play there. He has read every book, article, etc. about the place. It is his screen saver on his computer. He is OBSESSED.

So, a couple of months before my graduation, Charles lets me know that he was offered a chance to play on this course. The only issue was that it was the day after my graduation, so he wouldn’t really be able to celebrate this big accomplishment with me and my family. However, I knew that this was a once in a lifetime opportunity, so I told him to make the trip out there with his dad and to enjoy it! A few weeks after that conversation, he texts me from work to let me know that his mom is also going on the trip and would like for me to join her so that we could shop and what not (this wasn’t a red flag because this is something that we do often together on trips). I was unsure because I felt like I should be spending that weekend of my graduation with my family. I call and ask my mom if this would be okay to pick up and leave the morning after my graduation ceremony. Oddly enough, she told me to go ahead and to have fun. So it was settled that we would make a quick weekend get away to Monterrey (we had been there together once before, so I was thrilled to go back).

[My parents were in on the entire deal. Charles had already asked my parents for permission to marry me. My parents had booked the flight after us to the same place. Charles was including my family because he knows how important it is to me/us. Charles did extensive research, drew out maps, made timelines, calls, you name it. He had this thing planned incredibly well.]

So when we flew into Monterrey and picked up our rental car, Charles’ mom mentioned that whales were migrating through the coast in which we were staying on. On our way to dinner we were going to stop by Point Lobos to look off the cliffs to see the whales. So we quickly got ready for what I thought was a normal dinner. I put on white jeans and a flowy top (casual but cute) and Charles said, “Are you sure that’s what you want to wear?” I was like “what the heck, since when do you have an opinion of fashion!?” I laughed it off. On our way to Point Lobos before dinner, the car was quiet and Charles was checking his phone every few seconds. (He was making sure my parents were out of sight for when we pulled up. He was also making sure we were on schedule with the hidden photographer.) So we get out of the car and Charles has a sport coat draped over his arm (hiding the ring box). He starts rushing us ahead of his parents on the trail. I was saying, “Shouldn’t we wait for them?” But he just hurried me along. As we get further up on the cliff, we see an adorable family at the edge taking pictures (this was a decoy family… it was a photographer). So we were going to wait patiently to go look over the edge after they were finished, then Charles starts barging into their space (I am thinking OMG can you have some respect and let them have a family photo!?) They all move out of the way and we spend a couple of minutes overlooking the ocean. Charles starts talking to me about our first trip here. Then he goes on to tell me about how we aren’t here to play golf. Immediately my head is spinning and my heart is pounding. I am hearing nothing that he is saying because he is getting down on one knee and I am crying like a big ole baby! After we were done kissing, hugging, and crying, I turn around to see both of our families there. They got to experience the best day of our lives with us.

Planner: Love Detailed Events