The Lakeview, Hamilton


Avenue 22 Bridal

Peter B Photography

Tyler and I met in high school when we were 13 years old. Our friendship lasted 4 years, and we went to prom together. Then life happened and we ended up at different colleges. Eventually, he messaged me to get coffee and my best friend convinced me to take a chance. We have been together ever since.

Nine years later we planned our first trip away to Barbados. Together with my two best friends Tyler planned the perfect proposal. Overlooking the East coast of Barbados on Cherry Tree Hill, Tyler got down on one knee and asked me to marry him.

Finding my dress was an absolute feat. I had been to a local bridal shop and tried on 11 dresses. But I couldn’t get my mind off a particular one (not a Mikaella, Shame on me). I drove all the way to Toronto to try on this dress… and it was awful. I was so upset but the stylist tried everything to salvage the appointment. I tried 17 dress after that one and I was done, I’d had enough. The dresses were so heavy and I was tired!

Just as I was changing the stylist runs down the aisle, telling me “Wait, I have one more.” I opened the curtain and she is holding a strapless, lace, ball gown – Everything I had said I didn’t want… She brings the dress into the change room and I step in. I swear, from the moment my toes hit the dress I had chills. I looked over my shoulder and said “this is it” she replied “You’re not even zipped up.” I already knew this was the one, it was meant for me.

I peak out of the curtain and my family has the cameras ready. I step out in the stunning Mikaella Bridal gown (Style #2110) and I’m in shock. Everyone is in tears, including myself!! This was everything I had ever imagined; I just didn’t know yet.

On the big day, the dress fit like a glove and held up against all elements (40 degree heat, sun, sand, water and dancing!)

Thank you so much for all your hard work and for sharing your designs with the world!

This is a story I will remember for the rest of my life!