Samantha and Evan

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Artscape Gibraltar Point, Toronto Island, Toronto


Kleinfeld Hudson’s Bay

Jeremie Dupont

Evan and I met on Tinder. Yes, it does work! We had a great first date but our second date (only a few days later) was phenomenal and I remember glowing as I went home. We started dating in December so we were apart on New Years Eve and he delivered champagne to my best friend with a card to be opened at 11:45pm as a surprise! Our love of food, wine, fitness, family and friends, hosting, cottage life, and being on the water brought up together and on our 2 year anniversary Evan proposed. He sent me to the Ritz for a manicure and after dropping me off, a woman asked, “Was that your boyfriend dropping you off for a manicure?” And I said, “Yes, isn’t he sweet? It’s our anniversary.” And she replied, “Girrrrrl you’re getting proposed to tonight!” And then I freaked out! Evan proposed when I got home!

It took me about 125 dresses to decide on this dress! I have a decision making problem and this was a big decision. I wanted the dress to be classic and unique, and to go with our venue on the Toronto Island. I really liked it when I purchased it but I grew to LOVE it once it was altered just for me. I received countless compliments on how beautiful it was and several times heard it was the most beautiful dress they’d ever seen!

Our wedding was a dream come true. We wanted it to be outside and reflective of our personalities and passions. It was all about making it beautiful, fun, and delicious! We lucked out big time with the weather as it was the perfect temperature and clear sunny skies on the island. We had the ceremony, cocktail hour, dinner and dancing all outside under the sky, tree canopies, and lights on strings. We ended the night with a cruise around the Toronto harbour! I danced all night and felt perfect in my dress.

Caterer: Provisions