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BLUSH Photography – Emma Amlin

In May 2012, Morganne met a guy in a striped sweater.

He was at a Stag and Doe for one of his engineering classmates. The night consisted of games of flip cup, hammer and nail, and toonie toss. And as they often found themselves rooting for each other or playing against one another, he would give no indication of any type of romantic interest. So at the end of the night, along with a group of new acquaintances, she offered her contact through social media…she messaged him that night.

..less then 2 minutes later he responded! And although she fell asleep during the middle of the conversation (social messaging is not really her thing), the next day a date was planned. A night out at the movies.

Now, Morganne had never been on a date “date” before. Her anxiety was overwhelming. What to wear? What do you talk about? How do you even have a conversation at the movies? It all felt so “high school”. She tried on 15 different outfits and nothing seemed right. She settled on a South Park T-Shirt and black tights. After debriefing for an hour at Eye on Video with her friend Ellisa, she said “if he doesn’t like me in this – then I’m over it”. Ellisa was all “you go girl”.

Luke had Italian class that night. Morganne met him at the Ciocarro club as he was having pizza with a couple friends.

When they got to the movie theatre, he chose to purchase tickets to “What to Expect When Your Expecting”. The worst first date movie you could pick, right? I mean he could have picked Men in Black or the Avengers…Turns out, the horrible movie choice was amazing, because they were able to just talk throughout the whole thing – about school, future plans, past experiences and how horrible the movie was. Everything felt light and laughable. It was the best first date “date” they could have hoped for.

And just like that, other dates began to follow. Each one better then the other. However there was one thing looming over their care-free dating experience: he was going to be moving to Italy for a year in August to finish his Masters Degree. But they just met each other. How could they do a long-distance relationship when they started dating less then 4 months ago? Neither of them was ready to do it or could guarantee they would be together at the end of it. But collectively they decided – why not give it a try? They chose to see where it led and cross any bridge once they got there.

It was a magical year. Full of new experiences and growth. Luke was able to come home a few times and Morganne was able to visit for a few weeks. And although there were some pretty difficult times I wont mention here, they we able to cross over those bridges together.

Over the next 4 years, they started to build a life together.

December 25, 2016.
Every Christmas, Morganne and Luke will each take turns opening presents. Luke likes to add twists to his presents, like scavenger hunts or mystery boxes. This year he finished his last gift to Morganne with an Escape Room twist. In order to open the final box, she had to solve various clues leading to hidden boxes and messages around the house. It took her about an hour to piece together all the clues and at the end of it all he asked her for her hand in marriage.

Now its 2018, And as they continue to build that life together, from whose turn it is to do the dishes to Luke being talked into getting more animals, they trust to guide each other throughout all of the highs and lows along the way. They had a the perfect wedding just over 3 months ago, including the perfect wedding dress. It fit the venue perfectly and was so well made that it made dancing a breeze! Thank you Paloma Blanca for making such a beautiful piece as it added to the magic of the special day!

Hair: I Dare Your Hair
Makeup: JEM Glamorganic Medical Spa