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Evan and I met in 2014 through our mutual involvement in Penn State Homecoming, one of the largest student-run homecoming organizations in the country, at the beginning of our senior year. Our relationship started as what you may call a “forbidden romance,” if you swore by the unwritten rules that came with being a part of a student organization at Penn State, anyway. A mutual friend within the organization introduced us and, convinced we were a perfect match, insisted Evan ask me on date. I was a bit wary of dating at the time, so Evan worked to convince me to go on a date by wring me letters and buying me small gifts like stuffed animals and chocolate. After several weeks of having casual get togethers and getting to know each other via text, I took Evan up on a date. We officially began dating on October 27, 2014.

Evan proposed to me in July 2018 in Cape Cod during a sunset walk on the beach. We got married exactly five years after we started dating, on October 27, 2019. We got married at Bear Brook Valley in Fredon, New Jersey, and we planned the wedding ourselves. We integrated many personal touches into everything from our vows to the music choices to the signature cocktails to show the meaning, love and milestones behind our relationship. We wanted our guests to walk away from our wedding feeling that it was a perfect representation of us if nothing else. In regards to the wedding style, we met in the fall and both had a mutual admiration for the season, so we wanted to compliment the beautiful colors of the season. Our wedding style was “rustic chic” and the color palette “neutral with a pop of color.”

My dress perfectly complimented our wedding style and my personal “simple, but classic” style. I loved the back and train of the dress – it was definitely the wow factor!

My favorite moment from our wedding day was our first look. It was super emotional and we both felt so much love in that moment that we’ll never forget. It was also the last moment of silence before an otherwise blur of a day.