The Ridge at Verterra Winery – Northport, MI


Renee Austin Bridal

Shannon Nicole Photography

Lance and I met playing volleyball at the YMCA. On the 2nd to last game he hit me in the head and gave me a concussion so I told him as a way to make it up to me he had to take me out to dinner. The rest is history!

For our 3 year anniversary (December 3rd) we decided not to give each other gifts because it was so close to Christmas. We also decided to be lazy and not put up a Christmas tree since it has to come down immediately anyway. I cam home after work on the 3rd and i saw that Lance had put the Christmas tree up as a surprise! I thought it was my anniversary gift, but then he pulled out the ring and proposed!

We originally planned our wedding to be on 10/31/20 (Kristen’s golden birthday) in Grand Rapids, MI. With COVID restrictions though, we realized we would only be able to have 10 people indoors. At the end of July, Lance and I took a trip to go wine tasting in Traverse City and stumbled across the Ridge at Verterra Winery. It was gorgeous and they had one Saturday available in 2020 for a wedding, so we decided to pivot! We had to cancel our wedding in Grand Rapids and then replan an entire wedding at The Ridge in about 6 weeks! We can’t thank our families enough for all their hard work to get this done.

The day of the wedding, we woke up to rain. Our ceremony was supposed to be at 3 but we postponed to 3:30 and at 3:30 the rain stopped and we were able to have our outdoor ceremony still! We were missing some of our family and friends who weren’t able to make it, but it was absolutely perfect.

Florist: Carriage House Floral