Serendipity Garden Weddings in Oak Glen, CA


NWLA in Santa Monica

Justin Vasquez

Brandon and I are college sweethearts. We were set up by a mutual friend during our Junior year. He likes to tell the story of how I avoided him because I did not want a boyfriend, but alas he won me over in the end. His sweet spirit, the love he has for his family and patience proved to me that he was a game changer. He was pursuing me and my heart for all of the right reasons, and I fell hard.

College lead to graduation, and then us living about 2 hours away from each other. Which in California-traffic terms means FOREVER away. We did distance, both pursed second degrees, and all with the goal of marriage on the mind. We knew very early on that this was IT. Some things are just meant to be, and it really is like we were made to be together. We know that what we have is different, it is so corny to say but it’s like magic. It was no question that we were working towards marriage, but we both wanted to accomplish a few more things individually before we officially meshed our lives.

Once grad school ended, and what a sleepless season of life that was, it was no secret that an engagement was coming. We had talked timelines before, and we wanted to get married Fall 2019. So when Fall 2018 came around I just could not wait for all we had worked for to finally happen! But, thinking that I was smart, I thought for sure I would know when he would make the move. He is a terrible liar! So when he asked to go Christmas shopping at some outlets and then go on a hike that was nearby, I thought nothing of it. We had been talking about going on this hike for a while. Flash forward to November 11th, I am in tube socks and a beanie, ready to go and and NOT AT ALL aware of what was about to happen. We rode to Palm Springs Aerial Tram up to the top to go on a hike and then watch the sunset. When he got down on one knee I honestly thought he was kidding, and I could no process that THIS was it. We finally get to celebrate our love and handwork and get MARRIED!

Brandon is everything I ever prayed for and more, and getting to plan our day was so special. Having worked in the wedding biz for years, I had seen a LOT of dresses. But I always drew out my dream dress in notebooks. The sleek silhouette, no lace, elegant sleeves… I wanted to be timeless and elegant. I wanted to feel like myself in a beautiful dress, not like I was playing dress up. After shopping around I had a hard time finding just what I was looking for. Other dresses were similar but not quite right. My sister in law found this dress online and sent it to me and I knew it was THE one. I found a local retailer, which happened to be so close to my house. I went to NWLA and told Nadia ahead of time that I was just coming in for the one dress. When I came out, we all knew. No questions, this was the dress I had been dreaming up for years. I am so grateful for Nadia at NWLA, she was so kind and so excited that she had my one dress. And I am just so grateful my dress even existed because of Mikaella! To wear it was a dream, and I felt so much like myself as a Bride.

Decor/Coordination: Sugar Plum & Co
Floral: Flowers Etc. Beaumont, CA
Makeup: Barbara Ferrer