Tupper Manor, Beverly, MA


Camilla’s Bridal, Arlington, MA

By Halie

Our story began in the fall of 2015 when we both started working at the same company on different product teams, sitting in cubes across the way from one another. Since we often hung out with other work colleagues/friends, it’s a long debated subject what counts as our “first date.” Kurt was first to propose meeting up 1-on-1 at the end of a work email exchange under the guise of sorting out outstanding invoices and purchase orders before year-end. (In fact, a couple colleagues were copied on this first message – thankfully, no one else was paying attention to the finance housekeeping aside from us!)

After the new year, we continued hanging out as friends, including when Kurt invited Heidi for brunch on February 14th. Kurt claims this Valentine’s Day event was our first date, but Heidi was clueless (after all, who would show up for a first date wearing the outfit from her morning barre class?). A couple weeks later, Kurt invited Heidi to dinner in the North End, initially positioning it as an outing with two of his friends. The friends “bailed” (though apparently they may have had no intentions to join and were just setting Kurt up) and so Kurt and Heidi enjoyed a lovely evening à deux. Finally, Heidi started to pick up that Kurt was interested.

Soon after, Kurt met Heidi’s pup, Riley, and quickly won his approval. Meanwhile, Kurt caught a glimpse of Heidi’s carbon fiber road bike which very well may have sealed the deal for the former competitive cyclist. Over the ensuing months, we enjoyed travels and adventures together, as well as bike rides, sky diving and hiking adventures. In October 2017, Kurt proposed to Heidi at a romantic restaurant, securing a dinner table by a corner window and, after dinner, getting the band to play Train’s “Marry Me” while he pulled out a sparkly ring.

We married in August 2019, finally resolving the debate about which day is our anniversary.