Mansion at Valley Country Club


Kleinfeld Bridal

Lauren Nievod Photography

Rob and I met through mutual friends in Baltimore City, Federal Hill to be exact. Our first date was about a month after we met and Rob was THE MOST shy/quiet on this date. I truly wasn’t sure if he liked me at all! Come to find out- he surely did like me. For our second date, he surprised me and took me to DC to see the Tran-Siberian Orchestra. It was such a fun date and I always smile when I hear their music play during the holidays. We were dating for approximately 3 months when Rob, out of the blue, asked me if I would move to NYC with him because he had a job opportunity there. I wasn’t sure what to do because I knew I had never met anyone like him before but I am an only child and my parents were in Maryland. I spoke to my dad the same day that Rob asked me and he not only encouraged me to go but said I would regret not going. So, after a chat with my mom as well, I told Rob that I was in. He moved to NYC in April, about a month after that initial conversation, and I finished out the school year as I was working as a Speech-Language Pathologist with a school system. I moved to NYC on July 1st, 2016. We were living in a studio apartment (less than 300 sq. ft.) and I was terrified (to say the least) by the city. I was job hunting and semi-stranded in our TINY studio in Chelsea. We decided we weren’t going to stay in NYC and opted instead to move to Jersey City where his commute would still be easy but I could find work in New Jersey. I found a job shortly after and we decided to get a puppy. We got a French Bulldog and name him Hokie, Rob was a pitcher for Virginia Tech in college so when I suggested this name the look on his face was enough to know it was the right name! I stayed home for 5 weeks with Hokie while I waited to begin my new job. It was a very trying time for us because we lived on the 37th floor with a puppy so potty training was a JOY!! But, we did it and created such a sense of team work because of it. I’m really proud of us for getting through all of those transitions together.

On May 26, 2018, Rob decided we should go for a walk at 8am with the dog (lol) before we hit the road and went home for Memorial Day Weekend. I thought he was acting a little odd but I went with it. He took us to the Colgate Clock Tower and proposed to me right by the NYC skyline. I said , “of course I will” which is something that we have forever via live photo because Rob asked his friend, Dan, to come over and photograph the proposal. It was an amazing moment that is forever etched into my heart. That weekend, we got to celebrate with both families and a lot of friends over the long weekend. It was nothing short of wonderful.

We began planning our wedding and quickly shifted from wanting to do a destination wedding to deciding having in back home in Maryland would be the best idea. The majority of our friends and family were in Maryland, plus it’s where we met. While planning a wedding from NJ had its challenges, we were extremely lucky. The first venue we saw we booked. I searched for a photographer but the SECOND I saw Lauren’s photos, I knew we had to have her be a part of our day. We actually booked Lauren first then everything else because her talent is unprecedented. Slowly all of the pieces of the wedding came together but with each event we had, engagement party, bridal shower, etc., we just missed home.

We lived in NYC/NJ for a total of 3 years. It was an incredible time for our relationship but it was difficult as well because we found it tricky to create a social group; aside from my coworkers, who were amazing people, we felt lonely and missed our friends and family. This feeling added onto the wedding planning made it clear that we needed to be back home. As you can tell, we 100% do everything all at once, SO we decided to move from NJ back to Maryland RIGHT before the wedding. Rob started a new job on March 4th and I moved back to MD on March 17th. We got married on March 30th!

It was a smidge stressful but honestly, it was perfect.

Our wedding day came and we got a 78degree day with SUN SUN SUN at the end of March!! Our vendors were all absolutely incredible. The day came together unlike I had imagined. There was, of course, a LOT of work which was done beforehand to ensure everything went smoothly. But, day of, I was completely relaxed. I had a moment of thinking: It really doesn’t matter if everything goes wrong today, because no matter the details- I get to marry Rob. The day was perfection. We both also endlessly trusted our vendors and our families. We knew everyone would come together to have the best day ever and it really was. Rob was a little bit choked up from the first look until after the ceremony. Which in turn, caused me to turn up my goofiness to get him to laugh instead of cry!! I knew they were happy tears, of course- but I just wanted to see him smile all day. The ceremony was unreal. Our amazing friend, Matt, who we met in Jersey City because we were neighbors, officiated our ceremony (he got ordained and traveled from Texas with his equally as amazing wife, Jessica, for our big day). He did such a good job officiating that we had people ask us where we found him and how much he cost (wink wink – we’ll never tell!!)! The reception was just a party; our DJ was unreal!! He kept everyone dancing and made sure to include Bosnian music as well as American music to keep everyone dancing and having a blast. The love we felt that day was beyond anything I could have imagined.

A huge part of this, for me, was how I felt in my dress. This dress made me feel like I was on top of the world. I was so comfortable but felt so glamorous. The amount of people who said to me “this is your personality in a dress” was astounding. The detail, the train, the A line, the bodice….I am just in love with it still. I love love love how Lauren caught so many of the wonderful moments in this dress and that it is so clear in the photos how much fun I had ALL DAY in this incredible Mikaella gown.

Rob and I had the most magical day. We fell more in love that day and continue to be grateful every time we discuss each moment leading up to and what transpired that day. Rob is one of the greatest people who I have ever had the honor of meeting. I couldn’t be more certain that taking that leap of faith and moving to NYC just 3 months after meeting him was the best decision I have ever made!

Florist: Radebaugh Florist & Greenhouses
Make up: Ellen Georgalas
Hair: Casey Bragg
DJ: DJ Dustin Prievo