Skyview Golf Club Sparta, NJ


I Do, I Do Morristown, NJ

Cherryville Photography

Jimmy and I love the outdoors. We like to take hikes with our dog Levi. We got engaged in March of 2018. On that day, Jimmy, Levi and I went up to a scenic overlook in Rockaway, NJ called the “Wild Cat Ridge.” You can see the New York City Skyline once you reach the top. When we got to the top, Jimmy took a pair of binoculars out of his backpack and asked me if I wanted to look inside. I said sure and put the binoculars up to my face. My jaw dropped when I looked inside and saw the words “Will You Marry Me?” written inside of the lenses. When I finally was able to take the binoculars off of my face and look at Jimmy, he was down on one knee with my ring. My first words were “OMG how did you do that?!?!?!”, which made him have to ask me again if I would marry him (LOL). And of course you know what happens next…. I said “YES!”

Jimmy and I have been together for 8 years and we were dreaming about our big day for a long time. We both grew up in the same town in Northern New Jersey and we did not want to stray far from our hometown for our celebration. NJ is what we know, it’s a big part of who we are, and that was important to us when choosing a wedding location. We knew we wanted to get married outdoors, but we needed a venue with an amazing indoor option as well (just in case the weather did not cooperate). We wanted a rustic feel that also incorporated an elegant vibe. We are really simple people and everything about our day was simple, just like us. Nothing was overthought or over-planned, most of our answers came to us naturally.

Sky View Golf Club was the first venue we looked at the only one we couldn’t get out of our minds. The country outdoor scenery fit our personalities and the indoor reception area felt like a fairytale ballroom. The entire venue brought together our wedding vision.

As you can see from our engagement story, choosing Sky View for our wedding venue was a very significant choice for us, as it brought out the heart of our relationship and our love for the great outdoors.

Finding my dress took me the longest. I knew exactly what I wanted; a fit and flare style that complimented my figure, made of all lace, with an open back. I did not want any bling, any poof, or anything extra. I wanted coverage in the front, preferably a swoop neck style, and most of the open backs I tried on were V-neck fronts or illusion fronts. I went to 3 stores looking for gowns and even returned to try more on. I was not having much luck in the beginning, and it was frustrating. As simple as my dress was, it was a struggle to find it. Nothing was perfect enough, nothing made me say “this is the one.” Until, I went to “I Do, I Do” in Morristown. It was there that I found my dream dress. The dress I envisioned in my head, literally came to life in this store. I sat down with the consultant and told her exactly what I wanted. She pulled out 5 dresses to try and fit that description and when I saw the one that was mine, I cried. It even had a swoop neck!! That was the ONLY dress I tried on that had everything I envisioned (a swoop neck, straps, open back, no crazy design, and ALL beautiful, super soft lace). There it was, my dress that I had been longing for, Mikaella Bridal style 2186. It made me want to wear it everyday of my life! They say when you know, you know, and that’s definitely the truth.

Our flowers added a classy touch to our rustic theme. Our close family friend, Leah Penkart, is a floral designer who created our wedding bouquets and centerpieces as our wedding gift to us. The one thing I really wanted was for our flowers to look abundant. I have been to weddings where the flowers looked so puny and undesirable. My bouquet and our centerpieces were all a mix of white and ivory colored flowers with true colored greens distributed throughout. The centerpieces were assembled in a single wooden planter for each table made up of hydrangea to give them a nice full look, along with stock, roses, lemon leaf and ruscus. My bouquet was full and round, made up of white and ivory roses, stock, astilbe, ruscus and green pitt. The girls’ bouquets had a touch of pink in them because their dresses were a very light ballet pink, and the colored flowers complemented them well. Their bouquets were a blend of white, ivory and pink roses, stock, pink astilbe, ruscus and green pitt.

We also hired Angela from Floriography Designs to decorate the birch arch that we were married under. Angela created our perfect arch; an authentic garland made of only greens and an ivory drapery to compliment it.

The best part of our big day was when Deanna (owner of Cherryville Photography), our photographer, took us to the scenic overlook at our venue. It was about a 15-minute golf cart ride up to the venue’s signature spot. It overlooks a gorgeous view of the trees with a scenic lake backdrop. We snuck out while our guests were eating dinner to take this private photo-shoot. I remember thinking, “maybe we shouldn’t go, I don’t want us to miss any second of this day…” However, it was the best decision we could have made. It was so romantic to get to spend that short time alone together, for the first time as Husband and Wife, and just soak our marriage in.

The most anticipated and special part of our wedding day was our first look. We were both nervous leading up to the first look, but once we saw each other, we were at ease. Our first look took place at the venue’s log cabin. Jimmy had his back turned towards me as I slowly walked towards him and tapped him on the shoulder. As he turned around and we looked at each other, our hearts were so full. I will never forget how much joy we both felt at that perfect moment.

If I could give advice to future brides, my advice is that this will be the best day of your entire life, but it goes lightning fast, so enjoy every second. If you have the chance to sneak away for a minute and just soak it all in with your significant other, do it. Don’t let anyone’s opinion impact your decisions and add a personal touch wherever you can, because that’s what makes your day yours. Don’t stress over planning, everything seems like a way bigger ordeal than it actually is. People kept telling me wedding planning was so stressful, but I found that if I didn’t overthink things, it was actually easy. Do what makes you and your partner happy, after all, the reason all your guest will be there is to celebrate YOU!

Flowers: Leah Penkrat
Decor on Birch Arch: Floriography Designs
Hair and Makeup: On Site Hair and Makeup with Kathleen Benjamin
Officiant: Rev Michael Whalen
DJ: Lou from Fantasy Productions