We first came across Meghan and Joshua’s wedding on an episode of Arranged. The bride looked stunning in her wedding gown and we knew right away that it was a Mikaella design (Style 1808, to be exact). We’ve since caught up with Meghan to hear more about her winter wonderland wedding:

How did you know your dress was the “one”?
We I first got engaged I immediately started looking for the perfect dress. I wanted something that was classic and elegant, and something that would go perfect with our theme. I immediately fell in love with Mikaella’s bridal gowns. Every dress is classic and elegant. I actually found the dress on the Mikaella bridal website and was hoping I could find it in one of my local bridal boutiques. I knew my dress was the “one” because when I went to the Poinsett Bride and THEY HAD IT! It was the first dress I tried on…. and the last. It was perfect! My mom, grandmother, future mother-in-law, Josh’s grandma, and Maid-of-honor all loved it and said the dress was made for me. I purchased the dress that day! I originally wanted 2 different looks for my wedding. My original plan was to purchase 2 dresses, but I loved my dress so much I couldn’t image finding one that would look better. So, I decided to make the sleeves detachable. That way I could have one look for the ceremony and one look for the reception. PERFECT!

How did you meet?  
Josh and I had a unique way of meeting. We were arranged! Our families played a huge role in how we met. Josh met my mom while working at our local hospital. My mom had heard about Josh through friends and knew he would be the perfect man for me… and she was right. She convinced me to go out on a date with him. I met Josh at a bookstore and then went to a movie. And the rest was history. We were together every day after that. What they say is true, mom does know best.

What was your favourite wedding day moment?
Marrying my best friend – The best part of the entire day was seeing my amazing, handsome future husband waiting for me at the end of the aisle. The look on his face when he saw me was priceless. I knew Josh was the one for me the day I met him, and being able to marry him in front of our family, friends, and God was the best part of the wedding day.