Founded in 1937 by Manny Bernstein, Paloma Blanca was first known as Blue Bird Dress. With its original location in downtown Toronto, Canada on the popular Spadina Avenue, the company began with a bridal gown and evening wear division. Manny’s brother Harry Bernstein also worked for the company and eventually took over the business from his brother. Continuing in the family tradition of offering unique bridal and evening wear designs and high quality manufacturing, Harry helped to maintain Blue Bird Dress as a leading design house in Toronto, making a name for itself across Canada.

In the late 70s, Harry’s two sons Marty and Shimmy Bernstein began working for the family business.  Working within every area of the company, from shipping and marketing to sales and design, Harry’s sons envisioned expanding the business. Eager to spread their wings, Marty and Shimmy worked together to increase distribution to hundreds of stores throughout the United States.  This cross-border success ignited a new vision - Blue Bird Dress became Paloma Blanca and the company soon started to focus exclusively on the creation of bridal gowns and accessories.

In March 2004 Paloma Blanca unveiled its newest bridal collection, Mikaella Bridal. Designed to provide the bridal industry with a high quality product at an attractive price point, Mikaella Bridal is also completely produced in Canada. Mikaella Bridal embodies the same standards that has earned Paloma Blanca its reputation and provides today’s bride with modern and fresh styling.

Today the company continues to be family owned and operated and remains 100% Canadian made.