Paloma Blanca Grand Prize Winner

Paloma Blanca Grand Prize Winner

After reading thousands of entries of many deserving Brides, it was extremely hard to pick a winner. Julia Fox, from Chicago, IL, is our Grand Prize Winner! Here is the story her friend Lucia submitted nominating Julia:

"I'm entering my lovely friend Julia Fox into this competition because I think she is the ideal candidate for an amazing dress to make her wedding day the best day of her life. Her story is not only beautiful, it's touching, sad and so unbelievably heart warming, it gives you hope that life can turn around any second.

Julia lives in Chicago but is originally from a small town in Austria. When she turned 25, she was diagnosed with breast cancer. It was a huge shock to everyone and while she immediately started treatment, she wasn't doing very well and wouldn't be doing well for years to come. With her treatment it was always one step forward immediately followed by another set back. You know what, Julia never once said a sentence that was negative or pessimistic. I have never seen an inspirational person like this before. Sometimes we would cry together and I'd be so upset and she would be the one who would comfort me in the end.

Sometime after her 28th birthday, Julia shared the amazing news with us that she is cancer free and her family and friends couldn't be happier. She thanked us for our support with the most thoughtful gestures - while she was in the hospital (which she admittedly found ultra boring), she learned how to knit and created the cutest hats for all her friends for winter (Chicago winter, folks!) but not only that - the collections included socks, hand puppets, and lots of other gimmicks in our favorite colors (mostly Chicago Bears and Bulls colors). When we received our thank you gifts, there was not a dry eye in the room.

Julia was still recovering but starting to get more energy day by day and soon started both school and work again. It was so amazing to see that she had been doing so well and go so healthy and strong. As her friends, we saw a blossoming, gorgeous girl on the way back to being a vibrant beauty.

On her 30th birthday, we decided that a big bash was in order and we rallied a good number of friends and took Julia out on the town. It was a fantastic evening with drinks and dancing and most importantly, true and faithful friends. Sometime during the evening, I saw her chatting with a guy who was a friend of a friend. They were laughing and flirting the whole evening.

When he excused himself to go to the bathroom, I inquired about the guy and Julia looked at me with the most sparkly and happy eyes and said "That's him, that's the guy". I chalked it up to a case of "booze-talk", but 1.5 years later, they are engaged to be married on July 28th, 2014!!!

This girl has gone through really rough times and seeing her this happy, makes me tear up every time. She is my truest friend, the most inspiring human being and so humble and giving that I couldn't think of anyone more deserving than her."

Thank you Lucia for sharing this amazing story with us and nominating such an inspiring Bride! Congratulations Julia on winning your Paloma Blanca Dream Dress, a sketch of your dream dress by our head designer, and a $1000 gift certificate to use at Tiffany & Co! Thank you to all the other entries we received as well.

Julia will be trying on Paloma Blanca Dresses at Mira Couture in a few weeks time! For updates on what dress she picks and to hear about our other winners, follow us on Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, like us on Facebook, and keep checking back here!